Teresa Rhomberg-Rochelt Horses, Dornbirn (Austria)

My story about the PlyoPulsePlate:

When we tested the PlyoPulsePlate for the first time 1.5 years ago – or rather my husband Christian – I was really skeptical whether and what exactly this would do to our horses and I was happy to give him the right of way to try it out with his show jumpers – we dressage riders are sometimes a bit more cautious😉.

In the meantime, we are co-owners of the
Plyo Kinetics and 100% convinced of the effect of the PlyoPulsePlate.
We use them 3-4 times a week per horse – for our youngsters as well as for our top competition horses – for prevention and performance enhancement.
Of course, we are also happy to offer the PlyoPulsePlate to external parties for training support or rehabilitation.

With an application time of only 5-10 minutes, all our horses have become much fitter after a short time and more springy in their movement.

Theresa Rhomberg-Rochelt,
International professional rider dressage

My Belize, for example:
Belli has been in our possession since she was 4 years old. At the age of 4, she became Westphalian Championesse (2020) and was 9th in the final at the German Championships (Bundeschampionat). As a 5 and 6-year-old, she has won countless victories from dressage horses A to dressage horses M. 7 years old she achieved 81% in dressage horses S and the first S* victory followed with 70%. She had great basic quality and basic dynamics right from the start, but I always struggled to get her more stable in the contact and therefore more consistent in her movements (which are very over the knee with her). That was when I started using the PlyoPulsePlate (at the end of her 6th year).
You can now see our success! She has made a huge leap, has stabilized herself extremely well and has also become much fitter overall. She feels good – I can just feel it. The PlyoPulsePlate can do what you simply can’t do as a rider: strengthen the “inner” muscles – and you can then build on that wonderfully.

I am basically of the opinion that it’s the entire horse management – starting with the top feed quality, daily exercise and plenty of free run – and of course good riding that keeps the horses healthy.
Something fundamentally changed for me when I studied the biomechanical concept according to Stammer Kinetics 8 years ago. At first I was really overwhelmed with the whole theory, but I just wanted to understand how the biomechanics of horses work and today I am really grateful that I can take this with me into my riding every day!
Through Stefan we learned that it’s about learning to ride from the “point of view” of the horse and still being successful – and that is only possible if you understand it in its biomechanics. As a rider, you can make a kind of “preventive riding” out of it – if you can say so.

If anyone wants to know more about our riding style and about my experiences with the PlyoPulsePlate, please feel free to call me: +34 664 6256083

Theresa Rhomberg-Rochelt, international professional dressage rider

Overview of reference customers and testimonials

Name Reference customerWebsite/Social MediaProduct/Service
Int. Showjumping & Dressage Stable 🇦🇹
– Sport
– Training
– Sales
– Horse Rehab @plyokinetics.horse with PlyoPulsePlate
Pferdeklinik Wolfesing,
Dr. Rüdiger Brems

Veterinary Clinic for Horses in Wolfesing (Munich)
Focus on orthopaedics and surgery
– Rehab with PlyoPulsePlate
Sportpferde Blum,
Simone Blum
simone blum
Sportpferde Blum, Zolling (Germany)
– Trading & Sales Service,
– Riding,
– Training of talented Riders
– Training with PlyoPulsePlate
SF Stables,
Sigrid Forstinger
Stable with integrated
Equine rehabilitation and hippotherapy
Sigrid Forstinger, active show jumper
– Rehab with PlyoPulsePlate
CS Dressur- und Ausbildungsstall,
Christian Schumach,
Stephi Dearing
International dressage rider and trainer for 🇦🇹
European Championships 2017, 2021, 2023
World Championships 2014 & 2022
Olympic Games 2021 & 2024
– Training with PlyoPulsePlate
Gut Eicherloh,
Dr. Claudia Rosado
Boarding- and training stable with integrated
equine rehabilitation
– Rehab and training with PlyoPulsePlate
Daniela Rohrseitz
facebookProfessional western rider with equine rehabilitation
– Training and rehab with PlyoPulsPlate
Pferdezahnzentrum Doehle,
Dr. Katharina Ros
websiteEquine Dental Center, holistic approach
of Orthopaedics, Physiotherapy, Dentistry
– Rehab with PlyoPulsePlate
Pferdereha Tannengrund, Bargteheide
Dr. Karoline von Bassewitz
Equine rehabilitation centre with veterinary guidance
under Dr. Karoline von Bassewitz
– Rehab and Training with Aquatrainer, AquaSpa,
Mikrovibration, Lichttherapie, Inhalation
Beat Sax and “Secret”,
Bubendorf (Schweiz)
Internationally successful amateur eventing rider
– Rehab with Secret at Rhomberg-Rochelt-Horses
in Dornbirn with the PlyoPulsPlate
Roggwil (Schweiz)
Boarding- and training stable
with integrated equine rehabilitation
– Rehab with uphill-downhill treadmill
Plyo Kinetics, 06/2023

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