This device, specially developed by PLYOKINETICS, makes it possible to influence muscle and tendon structures equally within sensible functional chains with regard to the suspension and catapult mechanism of horses according to Stammer Kinetics with effective stimuli.

The scientific basis and insight according to Stammer Kinetics is the coupling of the horse’s muscle activity in the stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) with its genetically predetermined catapult system.
For example, a foal can reach the same speed as the rest of its herd via the SSC shortly after birth. At the age of three, a talented show jumper can jump over an obstacle of more than 1.80 meters.
Young horses are therefore equipped with everything they need for a horse’s life – some as leisure horses, others as top athletes.

The tasks and goals of the training are the same at all levels: to stabilize this performance together with the rider in suppleness and releaseness.

The quality of the muscle actions in the SSC is crucial for an optimum balance between maximum performance and optimum development of the suspension.
This is where the PlyoPulsePlate acts like a plyometric pulse generator: the precise, vertical pulse optimally activates and strengthens the horse’s myofascial chain and enables it to develop its performance-enhancing and shock-absorbing effect within the movement. This means that the horse retains the ability to maintain or activate maximum performance when the PlyoPulse-Plate is used repeatedly.

The PlyoPulse-Plate is unique in its function and effect worldwide and is patent pending.

The PlyoPulse-Plate ensures that the horse retains the ability to maintain or activate maximum performance with repeated use. 

Stefan Stammer, Plyo Kinetics

For the horse

Resilience factor “positive tension”
– Science-based foundation
– Unique plyometric pulse generator
– Activation of the functional chains against gravity
– Increases the resilience of muscles, tendons and joints
Physical effect at a glance
– Stabilization and strengthening of the tissue and the muscles themselves
– Strengthening of structures and myofascial chains (muscle-tendon system)
– Stimulation of intestinal activity
– Improved hoof growth
– Activation of the lung cleansing function
– Reduction of the stress level
– Intuitive user guidance via touch control panel
– positive body image
– transparent and barrier-free
– ergonomic design – “form follows function”

For the user

– Professional application concept with training offer
– Ergonomic device design for the user/therapist
– Easy handling of the device
– Intuitive user guidance via touch control panel
– Machine construction guidelines and CE certification (risk analysis)
– Hygienic design for easy cleaning and maintenance
– Highest quality workmanship and materials
– Multiple panic locks for quick release of the breast bar

Technical data

Data for device with on-floor-installation
(dimensions with ramps)

LengthWidthHeight (min.)
4,60 m1,23 m1,60 m
incl. rampswithout operator panelcan vary
Floor outletPower connectionWeight
400V, 3PH/50Hz;
16 Ampère
L x B x TFixed connection[kg]

Data for device with in-floor installation
(s.a. Floor outlet)

LengthWidthHeight (min.)
2,34 m1,28 m1,35 m
Devicewithout operator panelapprox.
Floor outletPower connectionWeight
2,80 x 1,30 x 0,28400V, 3PH/50Hz;
16 Ampère
L x B x T [m]fixed connection[kg]

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