Above all, we are concerned with the well-being of our horses.
In order to increase their well-being, promote their fitness and performance or rehabilitate them after an injury, we develop, design and build equipment that fulfills precisely this purpose.

Our high-tech company develops new products and processes with future technology for and with our customers.

“We don’t rebuild – we build ahead!”

Edgar, CEO and developer becorp engineering and manufacturing

“We don’t rebuild – we build ahead! With the latest technology and new thinking. Together with our partners Christian Rhomberg and Stefan Stammer, we are creating a new generation of training and therapy equipment: for a new generation of resilient horses.”

Machining production technology with modern digitized CAD/CAM technology

Thanks to our own modern machinery and the associated high level of vertical integration, we have an influence on consistent quality and are independent of external supply chains.

Smart workflows and teamwork ensure fast service with consistently high quality – paperless, digitalized and therefore sustainable and agile – the new generation of mechanical engineering and CNC manufacturing.


Our developed products carry a CE mark. This CE mark is not just a label – it indicates that the statutory provisions and regulations prescribed in the EU for this product have been complied with.

This applies to materials as well as safety-relevant parts.
To be on the safe side, we also have an external specialist carry out an inspection.

Made in Germany

As a manufacturer, Becorp is ISO 9001:2015 certified and works to the high standards of the German mechanical engineering industry in accordance with its guidelines.
Our QMS ensures structured processes and a high level of efficiency and adherence to deadlines. In order to guarantee the high quality requirements of our customers, our process quality is constantly reviewed and optimized.

Fair products also mean fair prices. Fair price also means: fair pay for employees. Our materials and components are also “fair” and have their quality and their price. In terms of sustainability, there are no disposable components.

Reliability and service

Of course, we also offer a full service: from planning support, installation and commissioning on site to maintenance.

Our project managers will assist you with any questions regarding the installation of the devices or will be happy to speak directly with your architect when it comes to technical details.

For special solutions, qualified employees and our own machinery ensure short communication channels and a fast response time.

We are also there for you after the purchase or commissioning of your devices and offer a personal after-sales service – in the event of a fault, we can also provide remote maintenance on request.