The Aquastreamer is the most modern, innovative water training system currently available on the market.

The highest standards of water quality are the basis for maximum therapeutic and training success.
The Aquastreamer offers the opportunity to train strength and endurance in a targeted manner with relative relief against water resistance.

The cooling and massaging effect of the water releases intensive, metabolism-boosting stimuli within the movement.

This can significantly improve the regeneration of tendons, ligaments and joints after periods of intensive exertion.
At maximum filling level, positive movement stimuli can be provided in the early stages of rehabilitation with partial relief of tendons, ligaments and joints.

For the horse

Resilience factor “positive tension”
Science-based foundation
– Early functional mobilization
– Training stimuli with relief against gravity
– Optimal control of the load phases
Regeneration and metabolism
Physical effect at a glance
Cooling and massage effect of the water on the tissue
Support of the lymphatic system through hydrostatic pressure
Concentric training effect due to water resistance
Stabilization and strengthening of the tissue and the muscles themselves
Profilaxe effect through intensive regeneration
– Positive body image thanks to unobstructed all-round view
– Transparent and barrier-free
– Ergonomic design – “form follows function”
– Neck cut-out for optimum positioning of the head-neck axis
– Noise management

“Always in view as a matter of course:
safety, ergonomics, hygienic design.”

becorp GmbH, developer of the devices

For the user

– Machine construction guidelines and CE certification (risk analysis)
– Hygienic design for easy cleaning and maintenance
– Highest processing and material quality
– VSG safety glass all round
– Multiple panic locks for quick release of the breast bar
– Safety sensor with automatic stop for monitoring the horse – e.g. in the event of a fall
– Safety bumper integrated in the rear door
– Water quality at “swimming pool level”
– Professional application concept with training offer
– Ergonomic device design for the user/therapist
– Easy handling of the device, e.g. through “one-handed door opening”
– Intuitive user guidance via touch control panel
– All-round safety glass for tracking the movement sequence
– Stepless adjustment of speed and water fill level
– Cloud connection/data interface for vets

Technical data

Data for device with on-floor installation
(dimensions with ramps)

LengthWidthHeight (min.)
6,86 m2,21 m1,90 m
incl. rampswith platformscan vary
Floor outletPower connectionWeight
400V, 3PH/50Hz;
32 Ampère
L x B x Tfixed connection[kg]

Data for device with in-floor installation
(s.a. floor outlet)

LengthWidthHeight (min.)
3,86 m2,21 m1,50 m
Devicewith platformsapprox.
Floor outletPower connectionWeight
4,91 x 1,80 x 0,41400V, 3PH/50Hz;
32 Ampère
L x B x T [m]fixed connection[kg]

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