Light and color

have a very great influence on all living beings. The energy transported by light from the sun is the source of all life on earth. In physical terms, visible light is electromagnetic radiation in a specific wavelength range.
Daylight and ordinary lamp light is a mixture of light of different wavelengths; we perceive it as “white light”.
Colored light only has a specific wavelength or a narrowly defined range (spectral color).

Color and colored light therapy

makes use of the therapeutic effect of light on the psyche and the organism.

It is based on the knowledge that color and light can influence living beings both positively and negatively.


Dr. Ursula Meier, doctor and color therapist

Types of light

UV/daylight lamps

Daylight influences the interaction of the body’s own hormones melatonin and serotonin and therefore the biorhythm of humans and animals. In winter and on dark days, this inner balance can become unbalanced and general well-being is negatively affected. The UV/daylight lamps used in the colored light devices from Plyo Kinetics can compensate for this deficiency and stimulate the production of vitamin D with its scientifically proven functions.

Infrared light

Infrared light has a warming and relaxing effect on the body.
IR radiation, which is invisible to us, hits the skin in different wavelengths and, depending on its length, has a superficial warming or – if it penetrates into the deeper muscle layer – a relaxing effect. IR light needs a solid mass to hit in order to cause the molecules to vibrate. This increases blood circulation, the cells are better supplied, the muscles are loosened and harmful substances are excreted through the skin when sweating. Infrared has no radiant heat – the room surrounding the body remains at a constant temperature, i.e. no room heat is generated.

Color light

Color therapy (chromotherapy) uses the psychological effect of colors to prevent illnesses or treat physical and psychological problems. As a rule, color therapy involves irradiation with colored light. The colored light should only radiate in one wavelength range, because only then is it really “colored light” in physical terms.
Biophoton research assumes that the skin absorbs color vibrations and transmits their effect to the inside of the body. There are areas of the skin that are particularly receptive, including acupuncture points. It is therefore conceivable that visible colored light can also be used to specifically stimulate healing processes or metabolic processes in individual organ systems, depending on the respective wavelength.

In the field of alternative medicine, especially in healing methods of Asian origin, very specific effects are attributed to the individual colors.

For the horse

Physical effect at a glance
– Warming and relaxing effect (long-wave IR light)
– Formation of vitamin D and coat care (UV/daylight)
– Stimulating or calming color therapy (colored light)
– Drying through heat (short-wave IR light and UV light)
– positive body sensation – no heat build-up (optimum light exposure)
– barrier-free – without being constricted
– ergonomisches Design – „form follows function“
– noise management (quiet lift)
– Machine construction guidelines and CE certification
– Hygienic design for easy cleaning and care
– Highest quality workmanship and materials
– Variable side bars (also available as foldable)

special constructions
(on request)

For the user

– Professional application concept with ready-made programs
– Ergonomic device design for the user/therapist
– Easy handling of the device (e.g. lift function and drying integrated in one panel)
– Automatic distance sensors (optional)
– Intuitive user guidance via touch control panel
– Card reader optionally available

Technical data

Specifications for device with ceiling suspension (lift)
LengthWidthHeight (min.)
3,00 m2.63 m3,35 m
with horseincl. distance to wallwith lift
Floor outletPower connectionWeight
400V/3PH, 50Hz;
16 Ampère
L x B x Tfixed connection[kg]

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