For balanced training as in the field
The newly developed horse treadmill with uphill and downhill function also follows the rules of the biomechanical thinking model according to Stammer Kinetics.
Traditionally, the horse treadmill is used to boost strength and endurance. The focus of uphill training is on the overcoming muscle activity with which the hindquarters overcome gravity in the direction of height in show jumpers or cadence and uphill movement in dressage horses.

The shoulder girdle muscles are neglected, as they work in a yielding manner when the horse lands and have to absorb and cushion the kinetic energy of the hindquarters. This muscular imbalance promotes the development of overuse injuries.
On the treadmill with downhill training, the springing component of the musculature, particularly in the shoulder girdle area, is promoted and trained to compensate for the uphill training, so that the energy released in the muscle during take-off can be absorbed again in a compensatory manner when landing.

This physical balance, which is determined by gravity, is just as important in dressage riding as it is in show jumping.

Stefan Stammer, PlyoKinetics

For the horse

Resilience factor “positive tension”
– Science-based foundation
– Concentric muscle activity in the uphill movement (rebounding)
– Eccentric muscle activity in the downhill movement (rebounding)
– Coordination training through defined speed
– Increasing the resilience of muscles, tendons and joints
Physical effect at a glance
– Coordination training
– Concentric training stimuli
– Eccentric training stimuli
– Stabilization and strengthening of the tissue and the muscles themselves
– positive body image
– transparent and barrier-free
– ergonomic design – “form follows function”
– defined speed

For the user

– Machine construction guidelines and CE certification
– Hygienic design for easy cleaning and care
– Highest quality workmanship and materials
– Multiple panic locks for quick release of the breast bar
– Professional application concept with training offer
– Ergonomic device design for the user/therapist
– Easy handling of the device
– Intuitive user guidance via touch control panel

built to be in balance.

becorp GmbH and Stefan Stammer, developer of the devices

Technical data

Data for device with on-floor installation (dimensions with ramps)

6,51 m~1.50 m2,00 m
incl. rampsoperator panel folded-inapprox.
Floor outletPower connectionWeight
400V/3PH, 50Hz;
16 Ampère
L x B x Tfixed connection[kg]

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