“With the PLYO KINETICS devices, we are creating completely new training and therapy equipment for professional equestrian sports, veterinary medicine and horse breeding.”

Beatrice Eichten, Plyo Kinetics

PLYOKINETICS is rethinking equestrian sport and the current riding style.

Training and therapy equipment that has not yet been available offers completely new possibilities for professional training, medical training therapy (also profileactic) and rehabilitation of horses.
The devices developed by PLYOKINETICS make it possible to influence muscle and tendon structures equally (within sensible functional chains) with regard to the horses’ suspension mechanism using effective stimuli.
They are the base of medical training therapy.
For the health management of horses, the devices offer for the first time the possibility of improving degenerative skeletal problems through preventive training by strengthening the unconsciously controlled muscle and tendon structure and keeping the animals healthy and stable. For horses with chronic overload or injuries, the devices offer the opportunity to rebuild the supporting and stabilizing structure of the muscles, tendons and connective tissue.


The overall concept of product and concept is sustainable in terms of animal health.
Thanks to the stabilizing and strengthening training with the PlyoPulse-Plate, we have seen a significant increase in performance and a considerable reduction in stress characteristics in our horses – even after the show season

Christian Rhomberg, Plyo Kinetics

Animal welfare:
The understanding formulated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1946 is now widespread and generally accepted:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” .

This is what we stand for in equestrian sport:
healthy, resilient horses.

Simply translated, this means that a well-trained and psychologically balanced horse has less stress in training and in its social environment – also with other horses – and is consequently less injured, shows positive social behavior and voluntarily performs better when it is active in sport. 


“Fair products have a fair price.”

Lukas Caspers, Operations Manager becorp for Plyo Kinetics

Our employees

Our employees are our company’s most important resource. So when the values of our employees are reflected in those of our company, this is reflected in their own satisfaction, loyalty and creativity. This is also reflected in our products.
 Our mission to develop new products for a new generation of horses spurs them on and keeps them working to improve the products – for horse and rider.

Our products

Fair products also mean fair prices. Fair price also means: fair pay for employees.
Our materials and components are also “fair” and have their quality and their price. In terms of sustainability, there are no disposable components.
For our customers, this means more independent supply chains and reliable appliances – good value for money and products still made in Germany.